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Happy Fall

Please take a few minutes to see what’s new 

for fall at Stevens Holistic Health.

Dr. Drew:  Pediatric Care

Dr. Drew Kluger has been in training over the past 4 months and has developed a deep knowledge on supplements that are safe and effective for kids. He has really taken time to immerse himself in classes, lectures and hands on experience to deepen this passion to help kids and young athletes improve in school and on the field. And remember there is a student discount for all of our kids and college students.

Alexis:  Herbal Steams, Essential Oil Salves, Outdoor Treatment

Alexis has been having so much fun working on herbal steams for women’s health, as well as providing mini consults to create special essential oil blends and salves for your specific needs. Alexis and Dr. Drew will help create fantastic herbal supplements that build energy (Qi) and immunity during the changing of season.   The most exciting addition to Alexis’ list of treatments is her outdoor Chinese Medicine treatment.

Aaron Marco: Rossiter and Rolfing

Aaron is excited to be providing soft tissue, structural integration techniques.  Rossiter and Rolfing are therapies that Aaron has a deep passion for and his healing touch is exactly what you need this winter.

Chinese Medicine Treatments in the Beauty of the Outdoors

Your session includes an hour of personalized Chinese Medicine Treatment, tea or sacred cacao, and as much time as you need before or after treatment to soak up the surrounding beauty of nature.              *  11/2/16 & 11/9/16  *

Alexis is most excited to have had the honor of treating many of her clients out in the beauty of nature during the month of October. She meets each client at her outdoors spot and tailors a treatment made for your specific needs. There is room for each person to get an individual hour long treatment, along with the freedom to sip on tea or ceremonial cacao, roam the property, meditate on what you need and really soak in the beauty of nature and the season of the fall harvest. It is a truly beautiful experience. You have 2 more opportunities to take advantage of this special treat. Alexis offers this treatment Wednesday November 2ND & Wednesday November 9th from 10am – 3pm. If you want to get in but can’t do that specific time, please call or email Alexis directly to work something out (843-367-7785 or [email protected]). Each treatment is $65 and includes treatment, tea or cacao and unlimited time to be out in nature! I like to suggest bringing paper and pencil to color or write. It’s a special time just for you in the peace and beauty of the outdoors. If you are not in the mood for the outdoors, Alexis will continue seeing clients every Thursday from 10:00am – 3:15pm.

Herbal Consultations

$10 off your 1st time herbal consults for the Month of November

We are offering $10 off your first herbal and essential oil appointment for the month of November. Alexis will meet with you for about 30-40 minutes to discuss your specific needs whether it be building energy, dealing with the winter blues, adrenal support, women’s health, facilitate better and deeper sleep, find more calm and peace in your life, regulating the bowels, warming aching tight muscles, and the list goes on. Consults are usually $45, for the month of November you can have a consult with Alexis for $35.

Amethyst Biomat: Warm Up and Sink In This Fall

The Biomat is such a sweet treat to give to yourself as the weather begins to cool and the holiday season kicks in. Come in to unwind with a grounding eye pillow, soft spa music and enjoy the healing benefits of the Amythest Biomat. $1 per minute, I suggest staying on the biomat for about 30 minutes to really sink in and absorb all the benefits.

Please click to learn more! http://www.biomatamethyst.com/

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Heartwood Holistic: Chiropractic & Chinese Medicine Center

Keep up to date with the latest specials and happenings at Stevens Holistic Health! We often give demonstrations, share last minute deals and give you a deeper look into all that we have to offer at our office. It’s a great way for us to stay connected with you all. Thanks for your continued support during this transition. We love staying connected and interacting with you.

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!!!

With Love,

Dr. Drew, Alexis, Aaron & Debbie

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I was referred to Heartwood Holistic by some friends. Their exact words were, "Dr. Drew is amazing! And Debbie at the front desk is wonderful!" They were right! At most doctor's offices you go in for the initial visit and fill out pages of paper work only to be asked those questions again once you get seen by the physician. Not so here. Dr. Drew zeroed in on what was ailing me and presented a plan of action by the end of my first visit. I've been a regular and don't plan on changing up anytime soon. I look forward to my visits there 1.) for the relief 2.) the staff. Everyone is so friendly and they actually care about your wellness. Alexis is a special treat! She is very committed to her craft and just a wonderful person. Ask her for the Moxa and just relax on her amethyst heating pad. Dreamy!! You can't go wrong here. Looking forward to my Rolfing session with Aaron. Thank you, HHH family!

Ashley D,  August 2017

I am so thrilled to have come across this little gem of a place! I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful couple this past week and was able to get in to the clinic for a chiropractic adjustment. I currently live about an hour away from the wellness center, but I'll be making the drive just to see them for my health needs. Dr. Drew was so attentive and thorough. He really listened to me and we discussed what I was accustomed to as far as treatment goes. He takes careful time with each client and truly cares about your health. After 15 years of visiting many different chiropractic doctors, I can quickly get a read on the type of care I'll receive. I immediately felt at ease and confident with him. I was able to chat with his lovely wife, Alexis, as well and am anxious to set up an appointment with her. This is no ordinary wellness center. They offer so many options for treating a vast amount of health challenges. They see and treat the body as a whole, which is the only way to find true health.

Kari P, February 2017

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