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Posted on 04-10-2017

Chinese Medicine with Alexis Kluger

A testimonial from her patient:

I started going to Heartwood Holistic health in effort to find a natural path for a chronic illness. Western medicine called for me to take an oral chemo the rest of my life. I wasn't committed to that path and decided to give Chinese medicine a try. I will admit, I wasn't "sold" that it would work but was willing to turn over any stone prior to starting medication(s) to treat my condition (which is not terminal). I also had been experiencing low-energy and depression.

I've been a patient of Alexis now for about 6-8 weeks and have received various types of Chinese Medicine as well as a few herbal supplements. I have seen significant improvement in my (blood) lab tests. I have seen drastic changes in my energy level and mood. I feel much less depressed. But today takes the cake! I had what I believe to be a migraine headache that started with "saw-blade" aura, severe head pain and ended with vomiting. I struggled to get to my appointment and almost cancelled but thought maybe she could help. I barely got there but am so grateful that I did. After treatment, I felt like a completely different person. I left questioning if my horrible headache situation even happened? I felt so normal! I can't tell you why this works but my treatments with Alexis has completely changed my quality of life. I perform better at work. My relationships are better. I feel like myself again.

I so appreciate her genuine interest in finding ways to help improve my mind, body and spirit. She has gone above and beyond to learn about my medical condition, my personal challenges and my health goals. I can't recommend her enough!
--Melissa W.

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I was referred to Heartwood Holistic by some friends. Their exact words were, "Dr. Drew is amazing! And Debbie at the front desk is wonderful!" They were right! At most doctor's offices you go in for the initial visit and fill out pages of paper work only to be asked those questions again once you get seen by the physician. Not so here. Dr. Drew zeroed in on what was ailing me and presented a plan of action by the end of my first visit. I've been a regular and don't plan on changing up anytime soon. I look forward to my visits there 1.) for the relief 2.) the staff. Everyone is so friendly and they actually care about your wellness. Alexis is a special treat! She is very committed to her craft and just a wonderful person. Ask her for the Moxa and just relax on her amethyst heating pad. Dreamy!! You can't go wrong here. Looking forward to my Rolfing session with Aaron. Thank you, HHH family!

Ashley D,  August 2017

I am so thrilled to have come across this little gem of a place! I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful couple this past week and was able to get in to the clinic for a chiropractic adjustment. I currently live about an hour away from the wellness center, but I'll be making the drive just to see them for my health needs. Dr. Drew was so attentive and thorough. He really listened to me and we discussed what I was accustomed to as far as treatment goes. He takes careful time with each client and truly cares about your health. After 15 years of visiting many different chiropractic doctors, I can quickly get a read on the type of care I'll receive. I immediately felt at ease and confident with him. I was able to chat with his lovely wife, Alexis, as well and am anxious to set up an appointment with her. This is no ordinary wellness center. They offer so many options for treating a vast amount of health challenges. They see and treat the body as a whole, which is the only way to find true health.

Kari P, February 2017

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